Plymouth Cycling Campaign

The Plymouth Cycling Campaign was formed in summer 2010, comprising as many as possible of the various bodies, clubs and individuals who are committed to cycling in and around Plymouth, South Devon and South-East Cornwall.

We hold meetings every couple of months. Click for our next meeting. Everyone is welcome. Let’s have a lively discussion and find out what issues matter to you.. All welcome – come and have your say or just come to listen and find out what is happening with cycling in Plymouth and surroundings. The minutes of the last meeting are here.

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Vision – to make Plymouth a cycle friendly city and get more people cycling

Aims –

  • promote cycling as an efficient and enjoyable mode of transport for everyday travel and leisure
  • campaign and lobby for improved cycling infrastructure and facilities and safety for cyclists
  • represent the views and aspirations of cyclists
  • work with other organisations that share our vision

Our Constitution

The Campaign is a recognised consultee by Plymouth City Council, which means we have a voice on all matters related to cycling, walking and sustainable transport in the City, as well as transport planning in general. We work closely with other local authorities, and support and cooperate with Sustrans, the charity for sustainable transport which designs and maintains the National Cycle Network.

In addition we organise events and cycling activities, particularly focussing on those groups who would like to cycle more but do not do so for various reasons.

The Plymouth Cycling Campaign is on Facebook. Visit our page, join the group and Like us! Tell us about your cycling experiences and activities.

97 thoughts on “Plymouth Cycling Campaign

  1. I live in Woolwell and can vouch that the A386 route to Yelverton is a frightening prospect and the sooner we have a segregated alternative the better. One thing I have noticed recently while out walking on Roborough Down is that the wooden fences alongside the main road are completely rotten and starting to give way. These will probably need replacing in the not too distant future due to the risk of livestock getting onto the road. If the fences ever do get replaced, maybe a case could be made to distance them far enough from the road to allow for an off road cycle path, even if said path is many years coming.

    • I have recently been hit from behind – injured and my bike written off (09/12/21) just north of the Dartmoor diner and have emailed local MP’s and councils to elevate this on their agendas – any other contacts to send my letter much appreciated.

  2. Me and the other 5000 people who work in the dockyard would really appreciate an “uninterrupted, unobstructed, nonstop, Netherlands style” cycle route from plymstock through town past Devonport and towards st Levan’s. This “dockyard highway” would be a starter for ten for safe cycle passage to the dockyard where parking is limited anyway. The dockyard commute must be one of the largest in terms of pollution and congestion in the city.

    Would love to push from Babcock side to help fund this if this campaign can push the council to implement.



    • David,
      The PCyC committee has discussed the proposal when it was an EIA scoping application. We acknowledge the impact even a small number of flights will have on cycling and walking access on both Breakwater Hill and Cattedown Wharves.
      The Plymouth Local Access Forum has also discussed the impact on the SW Coastal Footpath.
      We have not commented on the application as a group, but will agree a response soon
      John Abraham, PCyC committee

  3. Hi,
    I have tweeted re Yelverton to Plymouth cycle route and you replied. What I would like to know is would you be interested in lobbying with West Devon Borough Council, Plymouth City Council and Devon County Council to make this a reality?
    I am the Chairman of West Devon Overview and Scrutiny Committee and it has come down to my Committee re the railway from Tavistock to Bere Alston going to Plymouth. Some of us think this will never happen now costs are over £100m so would prefer the cycle route to be done to help alleviate traffic on the A386 making it safer than cycling on the A386 particularly with all the new housing proposed for Woolwell. Please let me know what you think and whether it would be worth attending one of your meetings?

    • Hi Mandy
      Please excuse me hijacking your mail.
      I’ve just contacted Exeter city council and Devon country council trying to gleen who are the contacts within these two organizations that facilitate cycling issues within Devon.
      I have failed to gather any info from websites and I just wondered reading you credentials if you could help me?

      Chris Law

    • Hi I have recently (09/12/21) been hit from behind, injured and bike written off just north of the dartmoor diner. I have cycled the route since 2004. I now believe that segregation rather than integration is the way forward before a life is lost. I have emailed Geoffrey Cox, Devon and Plymouth councils today but would be grateful if you have other contacts I can forward my letter to. Thanks

  4. On Monday Stuart Mee and I representing PCyC met with Kevin Nortcott, Highways Maintenance Manager for PCC along with Chris Ceoassion, Highways Asset Systems (handling reported defects) and Nigel Cotterill, NaturaI Infrastructure Officer (Vegetation)

    Basically the meeting starting with PCyC feeling pathway maintenance for cyclepaths, which often affects pedestrians as well had been put on the back burner, the recent Forder Valley pathway episode was a good example of this.

    Various other areas were also raised from the St Bureaux bypass, The Ride and Sainsburys to name a few. 

    PCC reluctantly admitted everything started late this year, but were now doing their upmost to catch up, even with financial cut backs. Up to now they never had a maintenance policy for this year, but Mr Cotterill was urgently putting one together and would send me a copy on completion.

    It was felt that when complaints were made, they were not looked at from a cyclists point of view, when examiners turn up they think, that’s wide enough for a cyclist, not realising it’s not wide enough for oncoming cyclists to pass or overtake each each other, or to avoid families especially if they have a pushchair.

    Stuart also highlighted the fact that a meeting was planned for PCyC to meet with Councillor Mark Coker, Strategic Planning and Infrastructure to again highlight the problems with cycling and maintenance in Plymouth.

    I am hopeful that some action will come from these meetings, but in the meantime continue to report problems. While I am willing to report these problems on behalf of others,  if all cyclists not just PCyC members go on PCC website and follow the not so easy to use links and report issues if possible along with photos it may put more pressure to get things done quicker.

    Link is – Roads & Pavements (report defect on highway), click next, select an obstruction (including vegitation), then vegitation maintenance, then next and follow instructions.

    As a point of interest there is a Sky Team shirt in a framed case in the foyer of Ballard House which states

     “Signed by the Great Britain Cycling Team in recognition of the partnership between Plymouth City Council and British Cycling which is inspiring a legacy of people riding their bike’s”

    Let’s hope PCC live up to it

  5. Happy New Year Guys ! Is there a list of events / ride outs / venues or routes to explore for the 2019 cycling fraternity ?

  6. Hi,
    I would really appreciate having a buddy to try out a new commute route with. I will be cycling from Brixton to Plymouth City Centre, so will need to leave Brixton around 8am. There is off road to Elburton but it is very rough where it ends and am not confident about tackling it in the dark! I would like to do a dry run in the daytime with someone experienced.
    Many thanks if you can help!

    • Hi Erica, That traffic-free path is awful. I once tried cycling it years ago and promised myself never again. The A379 can be a bit hair-raising – I know, as I do cycle that way every so often. Have you considered cycling up Red Lion Hill instead, then turning left along Sherford Road?

    • Hi Erica, probably a bit late but I used to cycle that route every day to work. The off road section from the nursery is actually very good, however, as you say once you enter the Plymouth boundary it is in a poor state and not ideal for a rd bike. I contacted Plym council about it and was told it was planned to be improved but they were hoping that the Sherford development would provide the funds to make it happen- clearly no progress (I moved from Brixton 3 yrs ago!!).

      With good lights and if you take it slow it is not that bad- usually have to walk the last little bit up to the houses in Elburton anyway.

      Certainly better than taking the rd which people travel very quickly along.

      Hope it doesnt put you off completely- once you are at Elburton its a breeze!

  7. Hello, Has anyone cycled from Bere Alston to Plymouth and had a lovely time doing it? I am keen to cycle this trip but would like a good route. Ali

  8. Re the recent article in the Herald about poor cyclepath maintainance, could all cyclists and pedestrians as individuals email AMEY/Watchman the details. Also remember we have councillors who have been campaigning for our votes, email your concerns to them, if all do hopefully we can get them to sit up and take notice. If you don’t complain, no one will ever do anything about it.

  9. All, please see my spread in the Herald re cycle path maintenance. I would ask every cyclist as an individual to contact AMEY/Plymouth Watchman and inform them of any poor pathways, over and undergrowth. On top of this we all have local councillors all of whom have just been seeking our votes, email them. It costs you nothing, the more who do it will hopefully make them see it as an important issue

  10. Hi, I know it’s short notice but why isn’t Plymouth running a Ride of Silence? Its an international event started about 4 years ago commemorating those killed and injured while cycling and raising driver awareness of the vulnerable cyclist. e.g Sydney running their 30 min ride Sun 22nd May. Plymouth USA on 18th May.

  11. Hello.. I am writing to you today to let you know about our amazing Moonlit Cycle Event in aid of St Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth.

    I am hoping to get word out to the cycling community and try and get as many people taking part in this unique event to raise much needed funds for St Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth to help them to continue the great work they do caring for people with cancer, giving end of life care and supporting the families.

    This will be the 3rd Moonlit Cycle and we are hoping to reach 400 riders this year (100 more than last year)
    This is a wonderful event with a real sense of community, the riders choose either the 50Km or 100Km ride all around the stunning Rame Head Peninsula and surrounding villages on the beautiful Cornwall Coast.

    There are rest stops with complimentary snacks for Carb Loading, and Mechanical Support, there are 4×4 vehicles and St Johns Ambulance sweeping the route to make sure everyone is safe and enjoying the challenge.

    This year we have approached all of the local pubs on the route to encourage them to hold their own fundraising events on the night to drive donations and encourage their locals out onto the route to cheer on the cyclists as they pass..

    As the sun sets on June 18th the cyclist will assemble at Torpoint Community College and head out in to the night to have some fun and raise some funds !!!

    Please feel free to visit our Facebook events page below

    OR visit the Moonlit Cycle Website to look at the route, Register and download sponsor forms

    Many many thanks for your time, should you know of any other publications that may be willing to help get the word out or they may be worth contacting , I’d appreciate your input.

    Kind Regards

    Michelle Lee of Tom French & Associates
    Event Organiser and Main Sponsor

  12. Hi guys was at last meeting didn’t know when was the best time to ask this but the cycle lane between Boniface lane and Whitleigh Ave needs remarking as most has gone thanks tony tamblin

    • Hi Tony. Thanks for the information. I’ll make a note to mention this at the next meeting as yet another piece of cycle lane maintenance needing seeing to. I’ll also pass it on to Dave Gibbs, who coordinates maintenance issues for the Campaign.

  13. Hi There we are running an article in next months issue of the plympton community magazine about cycling the plymbridge trail and the cycle scene in and around the area and was wondering if you could email a few bits of information across to us about the area and your plans to improve future cycling etc


    Adam Cartwright

    Head Graphic Designer/ Editor
    Plympton Community Magazine
    Oracle Magazine
    Oracle Publishings

  14. With regards to cycle racks at Crownhill I have to agree that this is a Citywide problem and was discussed at the last meeting of the Plymouth Cycling Campaign. Jim Woffenden of Plymouth City Council and SUSTRANS may well be the best person to initially address this issue but it can be further considered at the next PCyC meeting. Also write to your local Councillor and prospective MP. You might also ask the Co-op at Crownhill to consider providing some racks.

    • Thank you. Very helpful. I will search out the councillors/mp and write to them. Is there an officer at the council eponsibleor cycli I can’t seem to find one on the website.

  15. Hi. Just moved to Plymouth from North Somerset and find when I cycle into Crownhill for shopping, paper etc there are no cycle racks or in fact suitable lamp posts. Who do you write to to push this simple provision. In NS they were everywhere, libraries, Drs surgeries etc. the newsagents seemed totally disinterested and the librarian although very nice told me Plymouth was too hilly. You need to try Bristol. Anyway we think there are some lovely rides here just need some cycle racks in Crownhill would be a help. is Crownhill out of the ordinary or is it like this across the City? Forewarned is forearmed as we tend to cycle most of the time. Thanks. Graham

  16. Anyone seen the article in the Herald about the cargo bikes. Hope they don’t use the cycle paths as on most they will occupy most if not all of the path, no room for cyclists to pass each other or overtake.

  17. Clearbrook ramp now has final dressing, its better than the roads, get your kids on it, its so much easier for families

  18. Hi all, my daughter attends Boringdon Primary school in Plympton. She rides a bike in most days in spite of the school let me explain why. There are no facilities to take bikes into school so children have to lock bike outside, in fact the school actively discourage cycling. Yesterday I received a phone call from school. Meredyth (daughter) had forgot her bike lock. I asked if they could take the bike in for the day the answer was incredible “no we can’t do that for one, if we did that there would be hundreds of kids riding bikes here”. My answer was “you wouldn’t want that would you?!?” School reply “no”. This attitude across the school goes further later in the day meredyth teacher told Meredyth she would not let her kids ride a bike to school. Obviously we are all upset and feel that Boringdon has completely gone against all public policy for cycling and has no thought for the longer term health and well being of its children.

    • I view this as a quite disgraceful attitude to cycling on behalf of this school although the school may have an argument if there is no space to ‘park’ bikes. I suggest James contact the Cycling Commissioner, Councillor P Davey, on Plymouth City Council and leave a comment on the Plymouth Cycling Campaign Facebook page if he has not already done so. Perhaps the Herald would be interested. I suggest he speak to Sarah Waddington who is a very pro-cycling reporter. Best of luck James and family.

  19. Just usedthe “new” Clearbrook Ramp, so much better, improves the whole experience, but, why the double 5 bar gates at the Clearbrook end, not very cycle friendly and I can see them being left open most of the time, not just by cyclists but pedestrians as well. There were no gates here before, so why isnt there an easier way round them for both cyclists and pedestrians

  20. Two female cyclists from Dorset and Southampton Cycling Campaign groups are coming to the CTC conference at Plymouth Guildhall on Fri 14 (and Sat 15) March and wonder if any member could offer them either or both together a bed ideally for both nights.
    Dilys Gartside

  21. So called Drakes Trail is still incomplete. Forced to take to the road with a wheelchair to get around Clearbrook only to find the steepest hill around, we could not manage to climb it.
    Perhaps the objectors could make themselves available to push sometimes. Far better to improve this remote short section of the trail for the benefit of so many people. Get on with it.

  22. hi Bill

    Thanks for replying I have left an Email with the relevant people at the council still waiting to here. If I do not here I will let you know.

    regards Annette

  23. hi just wandering if anyone has come off there bike whist using tavistock rd cycling lane. I recently was riding along got forced over by another cyclist wanting the cycle path to himselfmy wheel caught the deviders and I ended up coming off breaking my arm


    • I suggest you contact the Council and alert them to the dangers associated with the dividers even though the main problem was the inconsiderate cyclist. If you don’t get a positive response please bring the issue before a PCyC meeting and it may well be followed up by the Campaign.

  24. At PCyC meetings a few cyclists mention the dangers they face from motorists. In an effort to ascertain the scale of the problem please give details here, or on our Facebook page, of instances of inconsiderate driving. Depending on the results we might decide to raise the issue with the Council or the particular sections of the motoring community concerned.

    • Hi Bill, please feel free to check out my YouTube channel ‘Search For Your Reg on YouTube’ for plenty of examples of inconsiderate and hazardous driving in our city. Hope you find some of the footage useful.

  25. Anyone interested in BMX is asked to see an update on our Facebook page regarding a proposed pump track and dirt jumps at Marsh Mills. A few hoops to be jumped through but at least a BMX facility is being actively considered.

    • Just reading the comments and checking out some of your links, it’s always disheartening when people have a rant about building a BMX track (pump track in this instance).

      The facts that it’s a very aesthetically pleasing facility (turfed and white “chalky” top surface) and decorative gravel runs for drains.

      See this link of one of my builds in a small Parish council in Great Baddow:

      I wish people would not default to anti social behavior on these pump tracks or motorcycles when in reality it’s been commented on by Councillors, MP’s and Police officers about the reduction of anti social behavior when a track gets built like this…

      Also these “ranters” need to appreciate that our kids overweight and playing too many video games these days and need healthy outlets like this; Government stat’s show lately that we have 26% of kids in this country obese and at high risk of related diseases such as diabetes, etc…

      Generally, most councils have a grant guru in house who can tap into available grants out there from trusts (even the NHS trusts), Sport England, Barclays, etc…

      So it’s very rare tax payers moneys are involved….

      Food for thought chaps…

      Tony (Plymstock)

  26. Make your feelings known on the National Trust planning application for Plymbridge Woods by visiting Plymouth City Council planning online ref: 12/01712/FUL. Looks like a greatly scaled back works but better than nothing. Serious cyclists will still have to go to Exeter or Tavistock. So much for Plymouth having City status!

  27. There is a post on our Facebook page concerning ‘Give Cyclists Space’ and I would urge you to look at it. If you are not a Facebook person now might be the time to get involved.

  28. Just returned from Marsh Mills. The area currently being used as a dirt jump site could be large enough to accommodate a regional level BMX track and actually the area has a lot of plus points with regard to this: there is a hotel and campsite just across the road and there is a park and ride car park which could be used for Sunday race events. On the down side, the current foot/ cycle path cuts the site in half and the area is unsecured which would result in vandalism of the track and/ or make the up-keep difficult. To run race events and a club from here the area would need to be secured and the current path re-directed.

    However, a far better site lies over the bridge across the railway line as you head towards Saltram, here there is a large, unused level compound which is fenced with barb-wire tops (the fence is broken down in one area at the moment but could easily be repaired). Does anyone know who owns this land?

  29. Re the propsed BMX track at Marsh Mills, I see that Simon wants the Plymouth Cycling Campaign to push for a “proper” track in Plymouth. And why not – we support cycling in all its forms. However, we are an entirely voluntary group with limited resources, although a recognised consultee by PCC. People like Bill Nicholson working away in his own time give impetus to the various issues we get involved with. If Simon or Rich would like to contact me on (I’m the Chair) I will suggest they come to our next meeting on Tuesday November 6th and see how we can get involved.

  30. Hello Rich and Simon
    BMX riders. Are you ready!
    Have just this minute received an email from PCC giving me the name and contact details of a Project Manager in connection with the PROPOSED BMX track at Marsh Mills.
    I must make it clear I am not a Trustee of Saltram but simply an old bloke hoping to improve the facilities for BMXrs in Plymouth. One day might we see one of them riding in world class competitions. No reason why not. If Jay and Maddy are interested in what is below the Marsh Mills flyover at the moment then any improvement will be worthwhile. They are likely to get publicity in the Herald in connection with this venture.
    Don’t give up on the NT initiative. It is far from over.
    Surprised few know of what is happening at Saltram as it is online and the Herald have given it loads of coverage.
    I need to get in touch with both of you and others interested in this project in order that we can meet the Project manager.
    Try me on
    Anyone who contemplates causing me a problem with me having given out this email address should think very carefully. You can take this as a threat!
    Best regards to the rest of you

  31. Free Club Support Evenings.
    Active Devon are bringing their Club Support Workshops to UCP Marjon, Derriford Road, Plymouth PL6 8BH on 8 October 2012 – see
    This might be something Rich would be interested in attending but he would need to book a place. This group give information on programmes and funding available to support people in running clubs and growing membership.

  32. After the recent article in the herald about plymouth not having bmx racing track there has been many comments about it on the herald website. i was wondering if it would be possible to have a track and open a club. how would we go about this.
    Many thank

    • I am involved with the Saltram Stakeholder Forum and one of the matters under consideration is a BMX track under the Marsh Mills flyover. Youngsters who use that area are being consulted with regards to a track but as yet I have no details of how big the track will be or if it would accommodate a club and racing. Whatever happens it will be a start. This has been mentioned, I think, in some of the PCyC minutes.
      There should have been a meeting of the SSF on 26/9 but it had to be postponed and hopefully a meeting will now be taking place sometime in October. You can be assured I will be speaking up for a BMX track of the very best quality.
      Bill Nicholson

      • thanks for the reply bill. let me know how it goes. ill be ringing british cycling next week to see the best way of going about getting a track/club and what channels i need to go down.
        many thanks

      • This is great news. I’m just not sure the area under the fly-over is big enough to build anything more than a BMX play track –
        As you say this is a start, but it probably would not allow for the development of a club, nor for racing. My concern is that the council would then veto the development of a race standard track, making the argument that a “track” already exists. Better to get it right in the first instance, in my opinion.

        I do appreciate your efforts though, Bill and look forward to hearing of further developments.

      • Youngsters have already ‘built’ some jumps etc and so this idea is simply to show that we care and are prepared to do something for them. I am not a BMX rider.
        I don’t know whether anyone else has tried to organize the building of a BMX track to racing standard with clubhouse facilities in Plymouth but if they have I haven’t heard anything about it.
        I know some racers belong to the Exeter Eagles and probably some of the other clubs in Devon and Cornwall.
        If the track under consideration is eventually classed as a ‘play track’ then I am certain Plymouth City Council would have no basis for vetoing a ‘proper’ track. If BMX riders in the area could get together and seek to obtain a track to be used for racing that would be a good thing. But is it required?
        Mike Bowden was able to get a speedway club up and running so maybe there is someone in the BMX world with the necessary drive to do the same for BMX.

      • Bill,

        I think both Rich and I are willing to put the time in to develop a BMX club for the people of Plymouth, but at the moment its a bit of a catch 22 situation, without a track we cannot easily run a club, without a track or a club, we cannot hope to fully develop a culture of BMX racing in Plymouth. If only a proportion of those in and around the city currently involved in BMX freestyle and mountain-biking used the facility for dirt jump practise then I’m certain the facility would have a lot of patrons. Remember that the track could be used not just for BMX racing, but for 4X too.

        Our starting point was to attempt to tap into existing knowledge in developing an action plan and to raise funding to get a project off the ground, hence our contact with you. I have to say that I also wrote to British Cycling a few weeks ago and have been somewhat disappointed not to have even received an acknowledgment to my e-mail. Obviously, if there is a site already ear-marked for the building of a BMX track in Plymouth, then this is of interest to us as one of the first problems Rich and I were contemplating was finding a site. I’m sure we should be keen to be included in the planning and development of the track so that the best possible facility can be built on the ear-marked site. If not Rich or I, then I would sincerely hope that someone with some experience of BMX racing and track construction is being included in the consultation and planning process. If you have not already, perhaps it would be worth paying a visit to either Decoy or Exeter BMX clubs, Bill to look at the facilities they have? I’m not sure what level of funding you currently have available for the construction, but with your guidance I should be happy to apply for further funding / sponsorship. However, it is the guidance, from you folks at Plymouth Cycle Campaign which is what was initially sought and should be greatly appreciated in getting the club off the ground.

        Best wishes,

      • Hello Simon and Rich
        Although I am a member of the PCyC the proposal to construct a BMX ‘track’ under the flyover is nothing to do with the PCyC. I showed an interest in the regeneration of the Saltram Countryside Park and was then invited to attend Stakeholder meetings the last of which was postponed and put off until 24 October 2012. I hasten to add I am far too old to ride a BMX bike but knew that some youngsters had built some jumps at Marsh Mills and so I thought it would be a great idea to give them something of a better standard. They will be consulted on what they want. Whether or not this will develope into a race quality track I do not know but whatever is decided I have no doubt whatsoever that its availability will not allow PCC to veto the building of a BMX track and clubhouse for racing elsewhere.
        I did post on 1 October that the Active Devon group were having a meeting in Plymouth. Did you or Rich manage to attend as they deal with setting up clubs and funding etc?
        Any funding for the BMX track at Marsh Mills will come from the same pot as is being used for the Saltram regeneration. I have mentioned to the Saltram Stakeholders Forum the name of Steve Jenks who is a local BMX Track Specialist. I would hope that he will be contacted but I am not in charge of this regeneration – just a cog in the wheel so to speak.
        Brett Nicolle of PCC/CTC is aware of what I am up to and I have given him the contact details of the project leader as I consider him ‘Mr Cycling’ in Plymouth at the moment.
        Sorry to hear you have not been contacted by British Cycling. I suggest you give them a nudge by email or telephone. I can assure you they do respond.
        If Marsh Mills does not fit the bill, and I doubt it will, you need to publicise that you want to build a track in Plymouth, get together with like minded people, lobby the PCC, find funding or sponsorship, locate a site, pick the brains of clubs such as Exeter Eagles and just keep plugging away. Mike Bowden managed to build a speedway track against a lot of opposition so a BMX track wouldn’t seem to be a major problem. The Herald is always interested in stories like this and as the Olympics have shown BMX is not only good to participate in but is a wonderful spectator sport. I would love to get involved but I think it is best left to those who are likely to use the facility.
        I will bring your interest to the attention of the Saltram Countryside Park Stakeholders Forum on 24/10.
        Maybe I will see you at the next PCyC meeting.
        I hope this makes my position clear.
        I will keep this site and the PCyC Facebook page updated.

      • Thanks for your response, Bill. Unfortunately, due to a prior commitment I was unable to attend the club support workshop last night. I have been in contact today with Jay Horton, who has given me the name of a contact for British Cycling in the South West, so I will attempt to contact him directly in the near future. Out of interest, Jay said he and Maddy use the area under the fly-over too and would welcome a BMX / 4X facility in the city.

        Since the bike trail in Plymbridge Woods is unlikely to happen now, does anyone know what the National Trust are doing with the money they had set aside for that? I’m guessing the area under the Marsh Mills flyover is part of the Saltram Estate and is therefore owned by the National Trust too? Perhaps they could be convinced to help in the building of a regional level track at this site instead of their forest trail? I think they might be met with less opposition at this site…

        I appreciate that you are wearing two different hats here, Bill; that of the Cycle Campaign and that of a Saltram Trustee. Once again, thanks for your help to date. I look forward to using the developments at Marsh Mills, whatever they become- might pop down at the weekend to use the existing jumps. It seems to me that several people are looking for a similar thing and that if we all work together, we could make something really good here for the people of Plymouth. I guess what I am saying is that the Saltram Trust have one pot of money, but what if matched funding was applied for from the National Lottery et al. with view to creating a club at the Marsh Mills site? Could we build something more, with a pooling of resources than with the existing Saltram commitment in isolation? Jay Horton was completely unaware of the plans for the potential development under Marsh Mills. If he is unaware, I’m guessing other people are unaware too- the local bike shops, McDonald’s, Sainsbury’s etc. all of these could be potential sponsors for the development of the site…. but it’s not my site, and it’s not my gig. However, I do see an opportunity to share in the development of an area and wouldn’t want to see the opportunity lost!

        Best wishes,

      • Moreover, I guess what Rich and I are requesting is that in light of it’s general aims, as stated above, the Plymouth Cycling Campaign should move towards securing and developing a regional standard BMX race track for Plymouth.

  33. ‘Get a Grip’ works to create a safer environment for riders, mainly motorcyclists, but if you come across a dangerous manhole cover or a section of road that might constitute a danger then report it to and they will endeavopur to have the problem rectified.

  34. Help! I am a disabled 58 year old female with a bike, knee, back and nerve damage but it doesn’t mean I am ‘useless’. I would love to be able to ride with someone else. Only one big issue – I never learnt to ride a bike as a child, so am very, very much a novice with some balance problems. I would prefer to be able to ride away from traffic and on a fairly flat track for those reasons. My bike is a 18-gear bike, so my husband tells me. Sadly Stephen had a stroke 10 years ago and cannot accompany me, although he’s an experienced bike rider. He is concerned for my safety and would be far happier if someone would be generous enough to be willing to ride with me sometimes. I live in Plymstock, Plymouth and my email address is Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from someone soon.

  35. Simon Trevan has a few T-shirts emblazoned with the Plymouth Cycling Campaign logo etc should anyone care to buy one from him. The sum of £7-50 was mentioned. Great for wearing at events and when out for a ride but unfortunately they are not waterproof!
    Bill Nicholson

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    Best of luck

  37. I am endeavoring to obtain information on the following two issues and any response would be gratefully received.
    (A) I am told that in Kenya some form of registration red disc or triangle is attached to each bicycle. Can anyone throw light on this or similar arrangements in other countries?
    (B) I recently read an excellent article in a newspaper giving the pros and cons of taxing and insuring bicycles in the UK but cannot now trace it. Can anyone help me please? It may have been the Daily Telegraph.
    Bill Nicholson

  38. Hi Jean
    If you pay a visit to Natural Cycles in Devonport I am sure that they will help you to overcome yor nervousness when cycling. I think the assistance will be for free!
    Best of luck
    Bill Nicholson

  39. My name is EUGENIE—known as Jean.
    I love cycling, but at aged 73 does anyone consider me ‘to old’—I would love to meet up with others ,so can anyone point me in the right direction to get started, i am a nervouse at this stage.
    Mant thanks.

  40. I have a lovely new bike and want to start using it to travel to work, however, I live in Mutley and I work at DHSB, Paradise Road so the journey may save me on petrol and time but will not help with my fitness. I therefore thought if I took an extended journey home that would solve my problem. Apart from the cycle path map on the PCC website does anyone else have any suggestions on routes etc or can you sign post me to a publication, website? We also like to cycle as a family, 2 Adults, 10 year old and a 6 year old.

    Some of you may have used the MapmyRun website which provides previous runs people may have done, various standards, recommendations and the facility to measure your runs and plot them out beforehand, something similar would be of a great benefit to the ever growing cycling community. Anybody up for the challenge???

  41. Dear everyone,
    after a very successful day at Devonport Park, PCC are doing a stand at the Stonehouse Street party on union Street on the 25th of September which we would love to Plymouth cycling campaign and Sustrans join in with. It could effectively be a joint stand between Sustrans, Plymouth cycling campaign and Plymouth Council. We are also offering free cycle training, and on this occasion we can have a space allocated so it will be much more visible.
    If you are interested, could you get in touch with She is available on 304585

    The event runs from 12-4 on Union Street. If anyone is willing and able to man a stand for part of the day please could you let Linda Green know and me. I am unable to be there but I do still have a load of stuff from the Devonport Park day that I can pass on to you. I don’t know much more than this, but there is a webpage

    Cheers, Mike

  42. Hi,

    I am campaigning to support the new cycle trails proposed by the National Trust for Plymbridge in Plymouth. It doesn’t matter if you live near Plymouth or not, support from anywhere in the UK would make a huge difference!

    The National Trust has submitted plans to Plymouth Council to develop a new network of mountain bike tracks for all users, from the family beginner to the very experienced. However, some local residents have protested this amazing project with unfounded claims of destruction to the wildlife and noise and parking concerns. These claims are completely ridiculous – This is the National Trust after all – They protect wildlife, not endanger it. There are full planning details on the Plymouth Planning Commission website if anyone is interested. Please also see the news coverage of the whole debate on the Plymouth Herald website – links below. Most importantly, please sign our online petition and better still, join our facebook group to show your support for the project. Like i said, it doesn’t matter if your a Plymouth resident or not, if you feel as strongly as we do that these trails should be allowed to be built, then please support us. Just one look at the ridiculous statements of the nimby protestors will be enough to show you why we are so committed to supporting this project.

    Planning Application & Details:

    Plymouth Herald News Coverage:

    Facebook Support Group:

    Support Online Petition:

    Thanks for all your support!

  43. Thanku Jim Woffenden.
    I have put that phone number in my phone because I had no idea there was a free course which is wonderful news, not only for people who want to save/stop carbon emissions but those who want to get fit/fitter!
    Thanku for sharing that gem of information.

  44. I am building up to cycling from Lee Mill into Plymouth city centre and would like to thank Graham Wilson, John Mission and Graham Reed for your kind offers to accompany me ( and help me to survive the roads on the way in!)
    I have been in touch with Graham W who I will arrange a time with soon.
    John’s email isn’t right but I do intend on giving you a call.
    I don’t know how to contact Graham R other that this message!
    I am not very fit and now think I should only cycle into town and catch the bus back home.
    I thought I should update John and Graham R about that.
    Looking forward to it.


  45. ps that comments from me Andy. And i cant remember the name of that local club – tho i think they are all a bit over keen perhaps for the likes of me!

  46. Hello… does anyone know of any group cycle rides coming up that are not races or especially strenous but just for the fun of cycling with others… Plymouth area etc… be good to socialise with some other cyclists especially with cyclists who dont go too far or fast!

  47. Hi,
    I would like to cycle from Lee Mill into Plymouth City Centre but feel nervous and would like someone to help me improve my confidence on the roads. Is there anyone who can help me?


    • Hi Julie
      The Plymouth Cycling Campaign is looking into what can be provided in situations just like this. At the moment nothing formal exists, un fortunately. I will send an email to the 100 plus members to see if anyone can help and get back to you via email.

      • Delighted to report that one of our members has offered to help Julie and I have passed on his phone number.

    • Hello Julie

      I am here to help if I can. I am a member of the Plymouth Corinthian Cycling Club and am retired from work but spent all my working life in London and cycled daily from outer to inner London so know all about coping with commuter traffic. My e-mail address is if you would like to get in touch that way or my telephone number is Plymouth 403677. Best wishes

      John Misson

    • Julie,
      Cycling to plymouth from Lee Mill is no problem, contact me and arrange time and place

    • Julie,
      Plymouth City Council offers free cycle training which you can book by ringing 550729. I am sure this would be helpful – to complement the help you’re already getting
      Best regards
      Jim Woffenden

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