Councillor covid letter re funding for cycling and walking


Dear [your councillor’s name]

I was very pleased to hear the announcement by Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, that he is allocating funds to make immediate improvements to cycling and walking in cities in response to the Covid-19 crisis: pop-up bike lanes with protected space for cycling, wider pavements, safer junctions, 20 mph speed limits, and cycle and bus-only corridors.

I am writing to you as my local councillor to ask what monies Plymouth will receive from the £250 million emergency active travel fund promised for immediate works and the overall £2 billion investment in walking and cycling.  I would also like to highlight some simple things the Council could do to give people space for social distancing and the space to walk, cycle, and safely complete their shopping or essential trips, within Plymouth by creating low-traffic neighbourhoods.

[Insert a paragraph of your own, relating to your suggestions for the area you live or work in, e.g. temporarily widen footpaths, create new cycle lanes, create contra-flows, bring in speed limits, restrict motor traffic on residential streets and near schools, etc.  Please give examples of what you would like to see.]

When it comes to taking action, one thing this crisis has shown us is that where there is political will things can be done quickly! National and local governments around the world have realised this, implementing emergency measures designed to open up space and enable people to socially distance.  I believe that Plymouth can do the same and I’m really hoping that you can help with this.

It is important that this happens quickly, so I would be grateful if you could raise the suggestions I have put forward, and also ask the leader of the council to implement a wider public consultation on creating a more sustainable, healthier city beyond the emergency measures taken during the current crisis.

We now have an opportunity to think about things differently. It would be fantastic if you could help persuade the Council to seize it.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to hearing from you and learning what measures Plymouth is putting in place.

Yours sincerely,

[your name and address]