Reaction to PCC’s Corvid 19 Proposals

Plymouth Cycling Campaign’s reaction to the submission dated June 5th from Plymouth City Council for government funding to encourage cycling and walking during the Corvid-19 crisis.

Plymouth City Council describe their proposal for a segregated cycling facility from Plymouth’s principle railway station, through the city centre, to a new pop-up city centre cycle parking facility as their flagship scheme. This is disappointing. How to deal with the Armada Way corridor has been a long standing issue which needs resolving, but we cannot see how designing a route from the railway station (which, under Corvid-19 regulations, is little used) to the Guildhall, will serve either to reallocate road space (the primary purpose of the government’s funding) or encourage more commuters to take up cycling.

We did not propose this in our submission to the Council. The Widenmypath website has received a large number of interactions which give added weight to our submissions. Not a single interaction relates to the Armada Way proposal.

We do welcome some of the proposals in Plymouth City Council’s bid for the £249k of government money for measures to make cycling and walking safer and more attractive. These are:

  1. Removal of inappropriate barriers on footways and cycle-ways
  2. Removal of parking from advisory cycle lanes
  3. Cycle contraflow schemes
  4. 20mph when lights flash outside a number of schools (we asked for a 20 mph limit in all residential streets)
  5. Somerset Place, Stoke Damerel experimental One-Way and Waiting Restrictions to address congestion issues in the area
  6. Signing initiative based on best practice aimed at reducing cycle collisions at roundabouts
  7. Increased cycle parking at Milehouse Park and Ride and promotion as a park and cycle opportunity – in our opinion this will have only limited use until a viable direct cycle route is built to the City Centre

We won’t comment further on these schemes until we have more detail.

We believe that PCC has missed a fantastic opportunity to propose radical measures to reallocate road space. However, we still hope their bid will be successful in order for them to be considered for the next phase of funding, £995,000. We remain ready to engage with them meaningfully, not something they have been ready to do so far.