Suggested Covid-19 works



  • Reallocation of road space on major arterial routes: Embankment Road, Alma/Outland Road, North Hill/Mutley Plain/Mannamead Road. This could be done by “light segregation” not requiring a TRO according to latest guidance.
  • Banning all motorised traffic except buses from Royal Parade – see what Newcastle is proposing – this could be done on both sides of Royal Parade and work could and should start immediately as we understand the guidelines
  • Immediate city-wide ban on parking in cycle lanes
  • All minor roads to have default 20 mph limit and reducing 40 mph to 30 mph unless segregation already exists
  • Revisit the long-standing proposal (a pledge in a previous Labour Manifesto) to replace the old railway bridge across Hooe Lake to join the communities at Turnchapel, Mountbatten and Hooe (including much new housing) to the rest of the Strategic Cycle Network, relieving pressure on the road network around Oreston/Laira Bridge and providing a safe route to local schools and onwards to the City, Saltram and Plym Valley. Consider temporary structure during emergency?


  • Improvements to Embankment Road would encourage greater use of Route 2 of the National Cycle Network running through Plympton, which we understand PCC and Sustrans are looking at. We believe that Sustrans has offered assistance to PCC. The section between Plympton Fire Station and Sewage Works are “oven ready” for an immediate start, and not far behind could be widening the off road section of NCN 2 between Bellingham Cres and Edwards Drive
  • Also “oven ready” is the path which runs from the junction of Pike Road/Military Road down to Willow Close. This is already part of the City’s Strategic Cycle Network, although in very poor condition. It is surfaced, but potholed, poorly maintained and badly lit. This would be a relatively inexpensive project which could be started quickly to give easy access from one of the city’s more deprived areas, Efford (as well as Higher Compton, Hartley and Mannamead), to the retail area around Marsh Mills, the Plym Valley and Saltram
  • Improving the existing path through Radford Park between Radford Dip and the end of the existing old railway path from Morrisons’ Roundabout
  • Hoe Neighbourhood Forum have proposed road closures (except deliveries, blue badge holders and the bus service) along the sea front, along Hoe Road and Madeira Road. We also strongly support the closure of Southside Street (except for timed deliveries and residents’ access). Lambhay Hill would remain open for access to the car parks at Lambhay Hill and Elphinstone. The contraflow cycle track going north on Commercial Road must be extended to the Mayflower Steps – currently NCN27 is blocked at this point – an oversight we hope.
  • Close Ebrington Street except for deliveries, residents and cyclists and a new parallel crossing at Charles Cross