What Should Be Campaign Priorities

The Campaign has had success over the past 11 years pushing for changes in Plymouth and the area. We are now looking ahead and setting our priorities for the future.

To do this effectively we need your views. We want to know what is important to the cyclists of Plymouth. What could make a better city? What needs to be done in the long term and what could be fixed now?

Please add your comments here, these will be taken to a full Campaign meeting where the priorities will be agreed.

To start things off there are some ideas for campaign priorities below, put forward by members. The Infrastructure Group has developed four of those which had some support to describe the issue or possible solutions

What You Can Do

  1. Comment on existing ideas. Just Click on the title to go to the comments page
  2. Propose any ideas you think will help

All ideas welcome, All constructive comments welcome, whether positive, negative or critical

Mutley Plain

The Northern Route; travelling between Yelverton, Southway and Crownhill

The City Centre

A Bridge between North Cross and Central Park

Other ideas

  • Efford Path; the narrow route linking Crabtree to Efford
  • Crownhill flooding
  • Wrigleys-Asda link (Novorossiysk Road)
  • Link between The planned Expressway and Plymstock near Morrisons roundabout
  • The NCN 27 crossing of Laira Bridge Road at Finnegan Way
  • Hooe Lake Bridge
  • Deep Lane
  • Millbay Boulevard
  • The “Northern Corridor” proposed by PCC
  • NCN2: Saltram to Marshall Rd (behind the Plympton Sewage works)

If you want to propose another idea

Your Comments

  • Other ideas: Please can we stop having cycle routes shared with pedestrians. When I am on my bike doing 12-15mph I don’t want to have to keep avoiding pedestrians going at 3mph or less. Equally, when I’m on foot, I want to be able to plod away quietly and not to be constantly looking behind be for cyclists approaching.
    Further, having cycle paths on the wrong side of the road for the direction of travel is a bad thing, as sooner or later the path runs out, and the cyclist then either carries on along the pavement on that side, or has to get across what is often a busy main road.
  • My suggestion for what PCyC should prioritise is…..: Clear cycle lanes of parked vehicles
  • My suggestion for what PCyC should prioritise is…..: Ensuring safe commuting routes and stop concentrating on supporting expensive leisure routes
  • My suggestion for what PCyC should prioritise is…..: Improving the general cycling experience, especially the provision of support setvices including secure storage ( especially for those with ‘challenging’ accommodation), maintenance, and recovery.
  • My suggestion for what PCyC should prioritise is…..: cycling infrastructure on the replacement merafield road bridge and stag lodge
  • My suggestion for what PCyC should prioritise is…..: It would be great to have an off road cycle lane continuing from the top of the St Budeaux bypass alongside the Parkway all the way to Marsh Mills. There must be room for it on the verge. It would be a flatish direct route from one side of Plymouth to the other and could link up with Manadon etc.
  • Efford to Marsh Mills via Efford Pathway and Crabtree: This route would open up an easy access to Marsh Mills for the residents of Efford, Eggbuckland, Higher and lower Compton. At Marsh Mills the path joins NCN27, the Plym Valley Trail, as well as leading to Saltram House and grounds. The path exists already, almost in its entirety, and simply requires resurfacing (especially alongside Efford Fort) and repairs to the lighting in the bridge under the fort workings.
  • My suggestion for what PCyC should prioritise is…..: Small improvements with big impact eg: 1. The removal of the Billacombe Road barrier – or the insertion of a similar barrier in the road (for the annoyance of motorized traffic).  2. Levelling the Honcray step – either a lowering of the Honcray side or raising the pavement in Pomphlet Close.  3. Removal of the White Ladies fence – to allow access from the White Ladies estate to Goosewell.  4 Providing cycle bypassess through previously stopped junctions  eg Plymstock Rd & Dean Park Rd  and  Horn Cross Rd & Lands Park.
  • My suggestion for what PCyC should prioritise is: Lets improve the cycle lanes we have and make them more user friendly. Remember PCC that long term it will improve the health of Plymouth people and this would have a knock on effect of reducing pressure on our NHS. Please see the bigger picture, and don’t look at short term costs of improving the cycle network, as long term you will save millions
  • My suggestion for what PCyC should prioritise is: Need to control better the cycle lanes we have, especially along bilicombe road, as currently the cycle lane is used as parking bays and so forces cyclist into the fast flowing traffi that drives along Billicombe road, the painted white line shaded area is very thickly painted and makes it uncomfortable to cycle on so people cycle on the road.  It’s like riding on cobbles as a example
  • My suggestion for what PCyC should prioritise is…..: I would like to see NCN2 upgraded for its full length between Deep Lane and the city centre to be an all purpose continuous route including commuting, connection to South Hams, north side of Sherford, Langage, Lee Mill, etc.  Much of it is in place but there are several short sections to make it continuous.  Ideally it should be 4 metres wide.  To make it a virtually continuous off-road route, the following requires to be carried out:  Ø    Create pelican crossing on Sandy Road at junction with Glen Road Ø    Take down unnecessary barriers beside Glen Road Ø    Add safety barrier at top of steps where Downfield Drive meets Glen Road (very dangerous) Ø    Divert NCN2 by widening existing path alongside Glen Road between Station Road and Ridgeway (this takes out steep hill and on-road section of Ridgeway) Ø    Pelican crossing over Ridgeway into Market Street Ø    Create short length shared path beside Cot Hill Ø    Upgrade sub standard path between Cot Hill and junction NCN27 beside sewage works Ø    NCN2 to be properly signed alongside the Embankment (no signs exist) Ø    Reset traffic lights at Marsh Mills so that cyclist is always green when motorists are red Ø    Create safe crossings at Sainsbury superstore and Old Laira Road  I use this route fairly regularly.  This sounds a lot of work but it is not a major project.  There are short lengths on-road in existing housing estates with low volumes of traffic.  For clarity, this additional to the expressway because it serves a different part of Plymouth.  Locations are as Plymouth Cycling Map