Join the Plymouth Cycling Campaign.

The Plymouth Cycling Campaign (PCyC) needs you! What do you as a cyclist or interested party want to see the Campaign focus on, i.e. better cycle parking, more cycle friendly commuter routes, a greater emphasis by the Council in promoting cycling as a lifestyle choice, etc? Would you like to get involved in helping to achieve these aims and more? Then join us!

The Plymouth Cycling Campaign has two levels of membership; basic membership which costs nothing and full membership which costs £5 per year:

1. Basic membership:
This is free and open to anyone with an interest in helping to improve cycling facilities and routes in Plymouth and around. To receive our occasional emails please complete the email application form . To comply with the privacy rules under the GDPR regulations you will receive a message asking you to confirm your email address and that you wish to receive email from the Campaign. So please keep an eye on your spam/junk folders in case these confirmation messages end up there.

When the procedure has been completed you will be added to the PCyC email list and kept informed of activities, meetings and everything related to our campaigns. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose.

Free members are welcome to attend our meetings but cannot vote. You can also visit our Facebook page, where you will find lively discussions on all sorts of cycling issues.

IMPORTANT: Submitting your email address simply allows us to add you to our free email list. To obtain full membership you must also set up a standing order for £5 annually as explained below.

2. Full membership:
For just £5.00 per year you can become a full member of the PCyC. This enhanced membership gives you the right to vote at our meetings and help to influence our policies. You can pay the £5 by Standing Order. We hope to negotiate discounts for full members on local products as time goes by. In addition you can take advantage of a substantial discount if you wish to join CyclingUK (CUK). The normal CUK joining fee is £43 but full members of the PCyC can join for just £24. You get free third party insurance for your bike and you will receive the CUK magazine and become eligible for discounts on the various promotions run by the CTC.

Setting up a standing order to pay membership fees

You should be able to set up a standing order (automatic payment of a fixed amount) by contacting your own bank by phone / online and providing the following information:

Account name         Plymouth Cycling Campaign
Bank                 Cooperative Bank
Sort code            08-92-99
Account number    65461927 – 00 (Note: the -00 at the end may not need to be given)
Account name         Plymouth Cycling Campaign
First payment        £5
To be paid on        the earliest date possible
Subsequent payments  £5
To be paid           annually (until further notice)
Payment reference  your own name (so we know who it’s from)

IMPORTANT: When setting up a standing order please ensure you send an email to informing us that you have done so. This will ensure we assign your membership correctly and will enable us to acknowledge your payment. Optionally adding your address to the email tells us which area you are from and a phone number is helpful in case your email address changes without us being informed.

If you have any problems please contact the treasurer:

  1. Please look at item on the news page on the Herald website, the reporter has highlighted the problems regarding maintenance very well

  2. Does anyone know who the “spokesperson ” was for the article published in the Herald by Sarah Waddington

  3. Does anyone know why the new Clearbrook ramp is closed for 2 weeks later this month

  4. Two female cyclists from Dorset and Southampton Cycling Campaign groups are coming to the CTC conference at Plymouth Guildhall on Fri 14 (and Sat 15) March and wonder if any member could kindly offer them either or both of them a bed ideally for both nights.
    Dilys Gartside

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