The Plymouth Cycling Campaign has no paid officers or staff. It is run entirely by voluteers. We are always looking for people who would like to be involved in helping Plymouth to be a more cycle friendly city. If we are not currently advertising a role you would like to be considered for please feel free to contact us in any case. Send us an email to, subject “Volunteering”, telling us how you think you can help and we will be very pleased to hear from you!

CURRENT VACANCIES (1 – Chair; 2 – Social Media Coordinator)


The Plymouth Cycling Campaign (PCyC) needs a new Chair (unpaid and voluntary) who will be nominated for election at the AGM on September 29th. You would need to be a paid member (£5 annually) of the PCyC. To join visit this page. The Chair needs to be nominated for election at the AGM on September 29 and voted in.

The Chair will be the lead of an active campaigning group that aims to improve active transport and cycling in Plymouth. There is a raised level of awareness amongst policy makers that current circumstances require a new approach to cycling and walking, and the Chair should be keen to share in helping to achieve real change at this unique moment in time.

The Chair should have a good understanding of the issues facing people who cycle in Plymouth. Experience of chairing meetings would be helpful.

PCyC has an active Committee and many of the tasks of the Campaign are shared between the Committee members, including the Chair. A key responsibility is the chairing of meetings of the Committee every 6 weeks or so and of the PcyC open meetings roughly every quarter.

Tasks that the Chair might want to share with other Committee members include:

  • Occasional media interviews (also shared with the Committee)
  • Engage with Plymouth City Council (PCC) officers and councillors and other professionals in a constructive manner by correspondence and in meetings – both online and face to face
  • Keep up regular email contact with the committee to discuss any developments
  • Prepare agenda for meetings, in conjunction with the committee
  • Respond, in conjunction with the Committee, to issues arising such as funding bids, planning decisions or consultations, which may include making members aware of these to encourage responses
  • Draft occasional letters to PCC or other bodies on behalf of PCyC, in conjunction with the committee
  • Make links with, or respond to, other local organisations with an interest in cycling/sustainable transport

This is a voluntary, unpaid role, so the job is fairly fluid according to what someone wants to make of it, in terms of initiating campaigns or encouraging actions among our members. In addition many of the above tasks are shared between committee members, or could be delegated to others if preferred. The key is to be passionate about helping to improve facilities for people who cycle (or would like to) in Plymouth, with the ability to engage constructively in dialogue with the policy makers who hold the purse strings.

If you are interested and would like to discuss this further please email

Vacancy 2: Social Media Co-ordinator (Voluntary).
We need someone to run our Twitter account and help with moderation of our Facebook group, which has over a thousand members. You’d be responsible for making our Twitter feed exciting and attracting new followers, providing ideas and information in line with the aims of PCyC and encouraging members to forward tweets for you to repost. Ideally you’d already be active on social media, and aware of other campaigns and national developments but we’d give you lots of support. You’d need to join PCyC if you are not already a member. There’s no requirement to attend meetings but you’d need to be in regular email contact with the committee and find a couple of hours a week free to devote to it.
If you’d like to apply please email with a brief outline of why you’d like to fill this role and what you think you could bring to it.