Mannamead Road Junction Improvements Scheme

This is our response to Plymouth City Council’s proposals re the scheme below.

Please feel free to adapt or even copy and paste our comments, or you can of course comment as you see fit. Please note that although we hope PCC take our comments on board, individual comments are equally important and can have a worthwhile effect on eventual policy. CLOSING DATE 22ND DECEMBER 2017

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Comments by the Plymouth Cycling Campaign

Scheme as a whole
The stated aims of the scheme are to increase traffic flow and bus reliability by installing intelligent traffic signalling and removing on-road parking.

PCyC welcomes new pedestrian crossings at busy junctions and some of the minor changes to cycling infrastructure are welcome. However the need still exists for a safe, coherent cycle route North from the city if a modal shift to cycling is to be achieved.

  1. Torr Lane Junction

Although the new 3m wide shared use footway between Torr lane and Manadon junction will be an improvement on the existing path it only will benefit inexperienced cyclist and children, moving at slower speeds.
Shared footways/cycleways are not recommended in such situations and mixing commuter cyclists with pedestrians may cause conflict and is potentially dangerous..
Is this intended to be 2-way for cyclists? – please respond 

For cyclists riding N. up Mannamead Rd. crossing Torr Lane the operation in practice needs clarification:

Is the advanced stop line intended for more confident cyclists riding across the junction on the road then joining the shared path towards Manadon?

It is not clear how cyclists will need to use the Toucan crossings?

  1. Higher Compton Rd. Junction

PCyC supports the right turn lane into Higher Compton Rd. and Lockington Ave.

Is it anticipated that cyclists riding up Mannamead Rd turning right enter the advanced stop-line box via the cycle lane?  As with many advanced stop lines, if the lights turn to green as a cyclist nears the box and the traffic starts moving off this creates a potential danger.

  1. Mannamead Road – section Western College Road to Hyde Park PH
    Removal of parking to clear the southbound (downhill lane)
    This does not benefit cyclists as currently car parking over part of the inside lane in effect creates a cycle lane between the parked cars and traffic to their right. Traffic flow will be faster and potentially more intimidating for less experienced cyclists.

Cyclists have long campaigned for a re-allocation of road space to create a cycle lane up Mannamead Road as a far as Seymour Rd junction. This has been investigated and costed by planners in the past. It would entail moving street lights and re-allocating road and footway space, but is the only solution to making this uphill route safer.

The plan to change the Mutley Plain taxi rank to night time use and loading bay for deliveries in the day makes sense and should solve the problem of delivery vehicles blocking the L/H lane.

  1. Mannamead Road – Thorn Park and Lower Compton Road Junction

A cycle contraflow lane is proposed going West on Thorn Park. It is unclear who this is this anticipated to benefit?

Without a turning lane cyclists riding South down Mannamead Rd would have to cross two lanes of traffic to turn into Thorn Park. A turning lane into the other branch of Thorn Park to the South exists, which would be a safer option.

We suggest that cyclists riding North from Mutley are unlikely to need to go down this branch of Thorn Park. If riding West they would likely use Hyde Park Rd or the Southern branch of Thorn Park

On the East side of Mannamead Rd. the proposal to Lower Compton Road, a quiet cul-de-sac is supported. However, turning into it when riding South down Mannamead Rd, where traffic flow is high and fast and possibly waiting for a gap between pedestrians on the pavement could be difficult. This requires a re-think.