The City Centre

The City Centre is the social and economic hub of Plymouth, transport around the centre is essential to city life and to residents, shops and businesses. Cycling could help parking, traffic, air and life quality issues for the city. This is the one area where more cycling could have highest impact.

Sadly the centre is ringed by roads and junctions which are difficult or dangerous for cyclists and with very little cycling permitted.Using a bicycle in and around the centre of Plymouth is difficult and in many parts it has become more difficult over the past 10 years.

There is a need for cycling provision into the city centre and around the centre which allows people to travel quickly and safely while maintaining the safety of pedestrians.

There is no magic plan to change this overnight, but improvements can be made without massive investment. Increasing safe and practical links into the centre will involve much better road junctions and safe provision for cycling within the wide streets of the centre is practical and possible.

Your Comments

  • The City Centre: I would certainly approve of this initiative. I cycle every work-day except in exceptional weather conditions from Torpoint to Plymouth University with my route taking me up ferry-hill in Devonport, down to Devonport police station, along paradise road past City College and Devonport High School, along Millbridge road, around Pennycomequick roundabout (you need eyes on stalks for that one), up past the railway station and then via north cross pedestrian underpass into the Uni campus.
    Going home, I often use North Road West simply because Pennycomequick roiundabout is horrendous at that time.
    The major danger points on my route are:
    Pennycomequick  roundabout (cars pull out in front of me / ignore me)
    Going up Saltash road (car’s often pull right out in front of me across the bus lane)
    North Road West – again many cars pull out in front of me from side roads, or give insufficient room when overtaking dues to impatience and parked cars
    Any initiative to improve my route and/or offer sensible alternate safer routse would be most welcome as would similar improvements across the main city centre area.