Cycling events activities and news from the Plymouth Cycling Campaign (PCyC)

The April 1st ride has been cancelled due to the Corona Virus emergency.


Come along to this friendly safe bike ride and event (with extras!) and find out what we can do to make Plymouth a safer place to cycle.

Plymouth Cycling Campaign in partnership with Breeze & Guided Rides are organising a FREE bike ride for all taking place on Sunday 5 April 2020.
The ride will start at Coypool P&R and head to Clearbrook where we will have refreshments in the Village Hall along with information about various cycling opportunities in your local area.
P.S. Please help us spread the message by sharing this post! If your organisation would like to have a stand at the event please contact Sue via email



  1. Hi I just move down here from London London for road and mountain bike rides where do ure rides start from I’m near central Plymouth

    • Hi Martin, YOGI listed at the bottom of this page are good for mountain bike rides. If you fancy some down hill MTB rides, try Gawton & Tavi Woodlands (near Bere Alston – you can catch the train out) a day ticket is £5 or membership for one year is only about £30. There is some really good mountain biking up on Dartmoor especially around Burrator/Princetown area (look around for the little purple gate-fold MTB route brochures for Dartmoor, only about £5). Try Plymbridge & Cann Woods (Plymouth) for woodland tracks. For further afield try Haldon Hill, Okehampton, Cardinham Woods, Cheers.

  2. Had my first lesson with Peter Simon of Plymotion, brilliant teacher, free course, but soon to srop. Plymouth Council have done their best but funds dry up at the end of this month.Come on guys, find some means to keep this enthusiastic teacher in his job and promote cycling

  3. Taking part in Love Cycling 2015, means supporting your local cardiac charity Heartswell South West and continued support of our local cardiac patients. Heartswell fundraisers for ongoing purchases of essential life saving cardiac equipment for our local hospitals. Check the link for the cycling event:

  4. Have just bought a road bike after 20 years away from road cycling.Is there any room for the likes of me in your club?

  5. Yogi Cycling Club run regular Mountain (MTB) Bike club rides in the Plymouth and West devon area. There are lots of rides to choose from, so it’s best to take a look at and look for the Weekly Rides update post. This explains the various rides and gives an idea of the sort of level you need to be to attend each ride. There’s something for everyone from beginners looking for their first foray onto Dartmoor tracks, to experts wishing to push their fitness.

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