The Plymouth Cycling Campaign is currently campaigning on several issues:

  • The Sherford Expressway; a Dedicated cycle route to the East of Plymouth (please sign the ePetition)
  • The Coastal Route including Hooe Lake bridge
  • Bus driver training
  • Many small improvements to the cycle network
  • Educating learner drivers to be aware of the dangers cyclists face – “Give cyclists space”.
  • Police liaison
  • National Standard BMX track for Plymouth

Please visit the relevant pages to find out more about these campaigns and how you can help.

Plymouth Plan

The period for submitting comments in respect of the Plymouth Plan (Part one) has now closed. This is for indiviudals and groups to comment in general terms on proposals in the plan. We have commented as below and hope that PCC will take on board that we should be more closely involved in consulting on new and revised highway schemes. Of course we also very much hope they will also engage with us regarding our plans for cycle expressways across the city. This is what we said:

The Plymouth Cycling Campaign requests that Plymouth City Council moves forward with regard to improving the cycling infrastructure and facilities in the City by taking the following actions:

  1. a) High level review of the National Cycle Network within Plymouth to ensure that it is continuous, safe and coherent.
  1. b) All roundabouts and junctions on the Plymouth Strategic Cycle Network to be reviewed for safety and coherence to encourage more people to cycle instead of using cars.
  1. c) Adopt the Sherford to Plymouth Cycle Expressway already proposed to the PCC development team by Plymouth Cycling Campaign.
  1. d) Propose new cycle expressway for the north corridor of Plymouth, including links from the north to the city and Sherford.
  1. e) Propose new cycle expressway for west part of Plymouth.
  1. f) All new road schemes and revisions to existing roads to include provision for cycling and walking to meet the latest standards set by Sustrans and Transport for London.

All the above to be progressed in consultation with Plymouth Cycling Campaign Infrastructure and Special Interest Group.

We look forward to being involved in making Plymouth a truly cycle-friendly city.


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