Cycling in Plymouth questionnaire

Thanks to everyone who completed this recent questionnaire.  We were really pleased to have 122 respondents.  Thank you!

Which of 8 different proposed improved routes would benefit you most as a cyclist. 

The most popular was the Embankment route from Marsh Mills to Old Laira Bridge with 94% of you saying it would benefit you. The next most popular were Cattedown Roundabout to the bottom of Mutley Plan (75% said it would benefit them and the Sherford to Old Laira Bridge route (72%).

Which of these route improvements would lead you to use the route more often?

75% said that they would use the Embankment route more often if it was improved with Sherford to Plymouth and Plymouth Train station to Central Park bridge were 2nd and 3rd choices

We also receievd 59 additional comments which were really helpful and constructive.  We have shared the overall findings with Plymouth Council at our quarterly meeting.

Thanks again for completing the questionnaire.  Given your great response, we are hoping to ask you for your views on other cycling subjects in the future.