A direct cycle path between Roborough and Yelverton parallel to the A386 

For at least 20 years cyclists have campaigned for an off-road path from the boundary of Plymouth City Council (Plessey Roundabout) to Yelverton.

Proposed cycle path from Yelverton to Roborough

Proposed cycle path from Yelverton to Roborough

So why now?

This section of the A386 is now used by large numbers of cyclists for both leisure rides and commuting. Traffic on this road has increased massively in recent years, making cycling dangerous. Large housing developments at Tavistock and in the North of Plymouth will generate even more traffic. Much of the traffic is driving at excessive speed for an undulating road with junctions to both sides and traffic-calming pinch-points.

This route is mentioned as a possibility in the Plymouth and SW Devon Local Plan  – Transport Infrastructure Statement 2017 – it states:

The potential for a segregated cycle way between Yelverton and Roborough, running parallel to the A386 will also be explored, to provide a sustainable alternative for trips between Yelverton, surrounding villages and onto Plymouth’s strategic cycle network.

This would be dependent on section 106 money after further housing development. DCC states that it will continue to try and secure funding though developer contributions where appropriate.
So this could be 20 years away – or never

We therefore propose a path on the East side of the road, segregated from the road by a fence or hedge. If built to agreed specifications, of suitable width and surface, cyclists would use it in place of the road.

The route will involve negotiating a strip of land for a cycle path adjacent to the A386 on land owned by the Maristow Estate, which without prejudice, has a positive attitude to the proposal subject to agreement.  North from the PCC boundary, the route lies within the South Hams District for a very short distance, then within West Devon across Roborough Down, skirting the golf course to Yelverton.

This corresponds to the Parliamentary constituencies South West Devon (Gary Streeter MP) and Torridge and West Devon (Geoffrey Cox MP). North from the Dartmoor Diner the land also lies with Dartmoor National Park.

We appreciate this is not a development within the City Boundaries but the Cycling Campaign believes this path is needed in order to encourage more people to cycle to and from the Moor and the many workplaces in and around Derriford as well as opening up cycling access to Dartmoor for residents of North and West Plymouth who cannot easily access the Plym Valley Trail. A quality path could see a significant shift away from cars.

The argument that this path would duplicate the Plym Valley cycle path (Sustrans NCN27) is false; that is a daytime leisure route and not viable for cyclists from the North or East of Plymouth, parts of which lie at 100m+ higher than the start of the Plym Valley cycle path at Marsh Mills.

It would not be a Sustrans designated NCN route, but Sustrans are helping us with the proposal. The Plymouth Cycling Campaign has also consulted with the principal landowner, MPs, local councillors, the Dartmoor NPA, SW Water and Derriford Hospital staff who cycle commute on the A386.

We are holding a public meeting January to gauge the level of support and to listen to your opinions as well as those of the other stakeholders:

Public Meeting Clearbrook Village Hall
Saturday January 26th 10 am for 11 am prompt start. Meeting ends 1 pm

We have invited MPs, local councillors, Dartmoor NPA, Sustrans, Devon CC Highways, Maristow Estate plus cyclists from Derriford Hosp. and the Tavistock Wheelers


  1. Welcome and list of key attendees by chair
  2. Overview of proposal and background – John Abraham
  3. Views of key decision makers and Q & A
  4. Open discussion
  5. Support for a campaign ? and volunteers to progress it.

Adjourn to the Skylark

In the meantime why not let us know if you think we should campaign for this.  Strong support from the cycling community would add weight to our case. POLL CURRENTLY STANDS AT 498 IN FAVOUR, 1 AGAINST (11.30 JANUARY 9TH)

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