Devon County Council are carrying out a consultation for a possible new slip road from the eastbound carriageway of the A38 at Lee Mill to serve the industrial estate and remove traffic from the centre of the village.  The new road will start to the east of the current access road which runs through the village. It will drop vehicles down to a new roundabout at the junction with Beech Road. As well as bypassing the village it will significantly reduce traffic along the old Plymouth Road which NCN2 shares with cars vans and HGVs.

We want to submit a formal response but beforehand we seeking the views of our supporters to help inform our response.  We would also like to know your views.  We’d really appreciate it if you could reply to us at info@plymouthcyclingcampaign.co.uk, subject Lee Mill. We will also forward your comments to our friends at Ivybridge PL21 Transition town. All your comments will be anonymised.

We also strongly encourage you to comment directly, and we make a few observations below which you might find helpful. The consultation may be found here: Lee Mill slip roads – Have Your Say (devon.gov.uk).  This is a short consultation and easy to complete. There is a link to a 10 minute video although if you skip to the section marked “Proposals” all should be clear. The latest date to respond to us is Monday, 14th December. The official consultation closes 18th December.

Is a slip road required?  We believe that it is required

Public transport: We believe that the village is poorly served and the design should make it easier for bus operators to stop in the village

Effect on walking and cycling: There should be improvements to make it easier to walk and cycle.  The existing paths are too narrow and should be widened.  There should be a priority crossing over Beech Road for pedestrians and cyclists which could be a parallel crossing with centre island.  The existing accesses into Tesco and the industrial estates should be widened with suitable lighting

Effect on River Yealm: To help bring back the river to its natural state, there should be a reed bed system to remove pollutants from the highway draining into the river and control flow during periods of heavy rain.

Tree planting: To help combat climate change and make the locality visually attractive, a small woodland of native species trees should be planted

Community project: an area of land should be offered such as for a community led edible garden.