Making the most of plymouth by bike!

New to cycling? Getting back on your bike again? Wondering where it’s safe to cycle in Plymouth? Feeling a bit wobbly? Wanting to cycle to work but wondering if there’s a safe route? Wondering how to fix your old bike? Got ideas on how to make cycling in Plymouth better and safer? Then come along to the Plymouth Cycling Campaign open Zoom meeting on July 30th at 6pm. There’ll be experienced cyclists from the Campaign and we are inviting trainers and sustainable transport officers and Plymouth councillors for the latest on everything about cycling in Plymouth.

The meeting is open to everyone on the Plymouth Cycling Campaign email list. We will be sending the link to allow you to join the meeting nearer the time. If you are not yet on our email list just click here to join. Our emails are secure and we abide strictly by the provisions of the GDPR data protection rules, and you can unsubscribe whenevr you want.

Looking forward to helping you make the most of Plymouth by bike!