Design for Cycling: Stanborough Cross

This is an advance issue of the drawing for Stanborough Cross Junction provided by the Sherford Development Team;

2015.11.09 – Stan X Cycle Option

The Cycling Campaign does not accept the junction is safe and this is our safety audit.  Cycle lanes crossing moving traffic are risk assessed as dangerous for cycling with serious risk of injury or death due to fast moving cars regularly experienced elsewhere in similar locations as overtaking too close.  The consequences of such design is that most people who cycle (or wish to) will not use the junction. 

Health and Safety Legislation requires designers to investigate if hazards can be reduced or designed out.  Based on good design practice elsewhere using segregated cycle lanes, including evidence from Transport for London, Sustrans and the Institute of Advanced Motorists, your Campaign believes that the risk can be mitigated from dangerous to acceptable  without affecting the planning consent and at the same time meet the projected traffic movements. 

PCyC proposal is that the traffic light design would incorporate advanced signals for cyclists. For people unfamiliar with this, it is the same concept as currently used for buses locally where other motor vehicles are kept stationary.    It is now being used in London to encourage efficient movement of traffic but at the same time be safe for cyclists.   It effectively creates segregation as it enables cyclists to use the junction while motor vehicles are kept stationary while at red.  It is a more effective and efficient means for keeping traffic moving instead of pelican crossings.  Your Campaign has presented this proposal to the Development Team but it has not been accepted.