National standard BMX track for Plymouth

Dave Shears is the owner of the Plymouth City Moto Park that provides facilities for off-road motorcyclists but he is also very interested in building a National Standard BMX track on the site at Ernesettle, Plymouth. The City of Plymouth has no BMX facility and those wishing to race have to travel as far afield as Exeter, Truro or Newton Abbot.
Anyone watching the coverage of the 2012 Olympics will have seen the huge crowds at BMX events and the British have International stars. There can be no doubt that the sport is well represented and supported.
Dave recently submitted a planning application to the Plymouth City Council but that’s on hold as he wrestles with the itricacies of environmental and ecological surveys.
Dave intends to fund this venture himself but would be very grateful for help with the planning/survey process as form filling is not his forte.
If you can assist in any way whatsoever, or know someone who can, then please contact Dave on

20 thoughts on “National standard BMX track for Plymouth

  1. Why could a BMX track be placed where the Biology is in Plympton and make an indoor one in the warehouse there

  2. I think a BMX track in Plymouth would be a wonderful addition to the city. I own Atwell Martin Estate Agents and my son races for Decoy BMX club in Newton Abbot. We competed in the Round 3 SW regionals at Cornwall last weekend and are racing at Burnham On Sea this weekend in Round 4, having already raced in Torbay and Decoy, Newton Abbot in rounds 1 & 2. Its clear from speaking to people at those race meetings that it is something of a tragedy that Plymouth doesn’t have a track for this Olympic Sport. If there is anything I can do then I would be more than happy to help. Decoy in Newton Abbot are currently upgrading the start hill to provide the SW first 5 meter hill and the sport is very much growing in popularity across the region. Its a shame because we have some fantastic riders across the region who would help and encourage the development of a track in Plymouth.

    • If you are struggling to find land at your motorcross park there is a few places in central park where there is no plans for anything

  3. Hi Tony ,we are in the process of up grading everything at the motopark and currently working on plans to build an indoor motocross track ,the plans for the BMX track were put on hold because of this I went to another meeting regarding the indoor yesterday with the four greeivns trust (a community trust) which has been set up by the council to make money for the community by using assets given to them by the council of which our whole site is one of the assets ,they have plans to cover the land we have put aside for the BMX track with SOLAR PANELS I said we would still like to build the BMX as I feel Plymouth should have a facility for this sport and they seemed pretty keen on leaving that piece of land free of panels to give the city a BMX track so we live in hope still that they will let us build it in the not to distant future ,one thing is for sure we need people to start pushing the council in Plymouth for this it will make all the difference if they see a need for it once the land has panels its gone for other use .

  4. Can we have an update please regarding the plans for BMX racing track at Plymouth, eager to help…. Currently have to go to the track I built in Paignton to ride or Decoy. (hour drive).

  5. Hi Bill for the most part the building of the track would be self funding and the fact that we would have a track would be enough hopefully for a Plymouth BMX club to be formed thus being the people to look after the facility and track, fully separate from any motocross as I would not have any more dealings with it after build ,I would hope the club would affiliate to British cycling so that would look after any insurance issues ,the building of the BMX would need planning and permission from PCC and now the CEDT for the north of the city ,what im saying is we need someone from the council to get involved in getting this going with all the red tape, funding not a problem ,building it not a problem ,red tape a big problem ,you have councillors within your group who are interested in cycling perhaps they can help ?

  6. I contacted Dave Shears many moons ago when he first suggested the national standard track but as I have no money to invest in this project I was unable to help and as far as I was aware the idea could not be taken any further. I understood there were planning issues.
    I am involved with PCC regarding a much smaller BMX track being built and although I am certain one will be built the hoops that have to be jumped through are mind boggling. I understand the latest hurdles involve insurance and the identifying of someone or group who will be responsible for upkeep.
    Over the years I have updated several persons who have expressed an interest in the PCC initiative and will continue to do so.
    Bill Nicholson

  7. Hi everyone we are still pretty keen to give Plymouth this facility but a year on from my last post and still no interest from any one in the cycling world from the Plymouth area ,as my last contact if anyone is interested in this get in touch .dave shears .

  8. yeah do you know if it is happening or not and if not do you know if there is now a bmx track in plymouth because im moving to plymouth and i love bmx racing its great fun!!!

  9. Hi everyone this could still be a reality for Plymouth, we as PCMP have moved on to building an indoor arena for motocross but in a new location to where the BMX track was going to be built, this stalled the BMX track whilst we got the location for the arena sorted ,if anybody wants to get interested in this BMX track project come talk to me ,but it aint going to happen without interest from outside people .ds.

    • Dave have you contacted any of the plymouth cycling clubs, yogi has the largest members, RUT has the best coaching set up and supports youth racing and Plymouth Corinthians is the oldest racing club in the U.K.

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